Celebrity Watch?

gemsm1.gifCher, Barbara Streisand, Tom Selleck and Denzel Washington … what do they have in common?

Every community experiences gossip and cliqueish behavior, but are all towns susceptible to urban legends?

For as long as I’ve lived in Prescott, there have been stories circulating that Cher owns a house here and there have been several Barbra Streisand and Tom Selleck sightings. These stories get passed around over and over, but the person you’re talking to is never actually the person who SAW the celeb … and so it goes in our little town.

A few years ago, a story circulated that Denzel Washington was moving to Prescott and building a home in one our our high-end gated communities.

Today Toni Tenille and the Captain are building a home here and that one is a fact; they even work out at the same place we do.

All I can do when I hear these stories is chuckle, as I’m reminded that we live a slower pace here, one that allows for time to stop at chat with a neighbor or your pharmacist. Even if an urban legend or supposed celebrity spotting is mentioned, how can that be bad? We’re not exactly Mayberry, but we do enjoy running into one another downtown and exchanging the latest (ahem) news.

7/31/06: “My name is S.R., and like you I am a long time Prescott resident since 1971 and I have heard the rumors about celebrities. I heard about Denzel Washington coming here but have yet to see him. I do have a friend that is President of both American Ranch & Prescott Lakes HOA’s and I believe it was she that told me the Denzel move was fact (I will believe it when I see it). I also have an acquaintance that said she is the housekeeper for Sean Connery who supposedly has a home here. One fact I do know is this, the owner of Gorton’s Fisheries lives in Prescott Lakes…big deal right?…When I first came here there was an article in the AZ Republic stating that Prescott, AZ had more Millionaires per capita than most big cities and I would hold that to still me a factor…just putting in my 2 cents worth. I like your site…take care!”

9 thoughts on “Celebrity Watch?”

  1. Hello, I’ve lived in the Prescott area for several years and recently had the pleasure of
    meeting Mr. Washington at the HotDog stand just
    outside the entrance of ACE Hardware in P.V.
    He had just bought some batteries and stopped for a quick lunch at the stand. He had a baseball cap, t-shirt and shorts and sandles on.
    He was very kind and friendly. Talked for about a half hour. Very nice man.

  2. I saw the girl who played Nikki on Saved By the Bell the Miss Bliss years at Fry’s about 14 years ago. She looked a lot skinnier and scared. It was cool. My dad is also good friends with Bob Brenly and Peter Kostis.

  3. wow! amazing that a celebrity as famous as mr.washington would be seen at a public hotdog stand! boy does he have guts. he’s a great man and actor, even though he should survive in at least one of his movies(joke).well,pretty neat you got to talk to him

  4. My husband and I met cody from the Discovery channel’s Dual Survival at Fry’s in Prescott….he was standing in line right behind us. I didn’t think he was especially friendly though.

  5. cody lives in prescott in a hobbit hole lol. no joke… it is under ground. my friends mom did the an assessment on his property because he has a non-profit company where he teaches people basic survival skills. he also teaches at Yavapai or something i’ve heard. And if you see him chances are he wont have any shoes lol.

  6. Cher did have a home in Prescott. Sometime back…not sure when, her home was featured in Architecture Digest. She had listed it for sale between 6 and 8 mill. If I am not mistaken her house was located high above and off willow creek. it’s brown with a cylinder shape front facing willow creek.

  7. I live in Prescott and agree that there are more millionnaires here than in a large city. They are still moving here! I have often heard that Denzel Washington lives here, but have yet to find out if this is true. Have been told if I can find out where his home is and if I go up to his door, he and his wife will invite me in for a cup of tea. Yeah, sure!! I’d love to meet him.

  8. Darlene, there are a few homes high above Willow Creek Rd. that fit your description. I also was told that Oprah had a home here, and it supposedly was also high above Willow Creek Rd. and was sort of pink in color. I am on Willow Creek Rd. just about every day and keep trying to look for a “pink” home up high, but with our traffic getting worse every day, it’s hard to take my eyes off the road, even for a second. Lots of crazy drivers here now, many having moved here from California and New York. I heard that Toni Tenille and the Captain split up; that Toni kept the home and that the Captain now lives in a small place in town. There was something in our paper about this.

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