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Housing Market in Prescott »

We thought we’d wade in and divest ourselves of our tiny vintage cottage this year. Price-wise, it falls at the lower end of the spectrum. Location-wise, anything walking distance to downtown should be a good bet, so we listed it. To clarify, it’s been a rental property for almost 20 years. We like it but […]

Summer’s here and monsoons are easy »

What do you do during the monsoons? Hunker down and enjoy the rain? Run out and check your rain barrels like my hubby? It’s that wonderful in-between time in Prescott Arizona, when we can tell fall is around the corner even though the clouds and our brand of humidity make us feel like taking naps. […]

Making the Choice to Live Green in Prescott »

I caught up with realtor Robert Israel, Prescott’s Green Realtor (pictured below, right), recently and asked him some questions about the market for sustainable, environmentally sensitive homes here in Prescott. (By the way, you can read an article Robert wrote about green real estate in Prescott here.) Here’s our conversation: ktcosmos: Robert, how has the […]

Becoming a Prescott Resident »

Once in awhile someone writes to wanting to know more about Prescott than is already available here. These inquiries come from folks planning to vacation or relocate to our area. Jump over to the Loosely Speaking blog to join in the discussion about life here in Prescott, or comment below. Here are some of […]

What is a Green Realtor »

Lately you hear the term Green applied to almost every aspect of business and commerce. Here is one more: The Green Realtor—a Realtor who is Giving Realty an Environmentally Ethical Niche. So what sets Green Realtors apart? They are real estate professionals who have acquired special knowledge and expertise that most other realtors do not […]

How to find the right Prescott Home »

If you’re like most home buyers, you have two primary considerations when you start looking for a home. First, you want a home that perfectly fits your needs and second, you want to get that home for the lowest possible price. To make that dream happen, negotiating skills are important, but so is getting clear […]

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